The relationship between Village Milk farmers and their customers is something special; the direct contact, the hugely positive feedback and the wonderful sense of community. It’s a partnership that hasn’t been available to New Zealand dairy farmers for a long time – until now.

When you buy a Village Milk franchise, you secure the right to operate a Village Milk outlet at your farm. Below is a summary of facts relating to the franchising opportunity. A further, full legal document may be made available as a next step.

Village Milk dispensing machineWhat You Get When you Invest in a Village Milk Franchise

  • Your farm becomes the exclusive Village Milk outlet for your area.
  • You’ll receive a state-of-the-art Village Milk dispensing system including training and assistance with operating it (not difficult though). Note that if you have a large population base to service you’ll need to allow room for an expandable dispensing facility. The system provides you with a 24 hour hands-free outlet where your customers can mostly help themselves. 
  • Branding and marketing via our website which will allow us to showcase your site for the promotion of your milk sales, and promote the Village Milk brand nationwide. 
  • Promotional materials to help with your marketing. We’re also very happy to consider any ideas you may have for promotion of your own milk sales. Use of the Village Milk brand will require company approval. 
  • Guidance in preparing your site.
  • Help training staff to establish the routines necessary to produce milk suitable for a Village Milk outlet. 
  • Testing to ensure your milk is of a suitable standard prior to sales commencing. We will assist you with the preparation of the first milk to be sold, and we will oversee the first day or two of the use of the dispenser. 
  • Ongoing support with milk quality testing and monitoring, as well as assistance with staff training. 
  • A comprehensive payment management system including EFTPOS and memory keys to provide super convenience for your customers.
  • Technical backup for all aspects of your Village Milk site.

What You’ll Be Responsible For & Other Things You Need to Know

  • You’ll be responsible for all site preparation e.g. You’ll need to build a milk sales facility and provide for vehicle access.
  • Ideally your location will be close to an urban population to ensure suitable proximity to your customers.
  • Your site must be safely accessible from the road. To meet this requirement you may be required to undertake some road work e.g. merging lanes etc. You’ll need to ask your Council about this.
  • There is a high level of hygiene that goes into harvesting the milk; much more than your normal factory farm. We will give you the training you need on this.
  • You will need to produce milk as naturally as possible with grass and silage. Village Milk customers don’t appreciate palm kernel, nitrogen or excessive use of things like CIDRs, prostaglandin, pesticides, herbicides etc. Although we are not registered organic in Golden Bay, we farm with mostly organic principles.

We are currently welcoming enquiry from farmers who feel they would be a good fit with the Village Milk way of doing things. If you’d like to find out more please contact us.