Raw Milk Articles

Raw Milk is a hot topic, with lots of information online about it. We have spent many hours reading lots of articles and people's views on Raw Milk, and below we have collated a resource of articles on Raw Milk from around the world.

"I really shouldn't tell you this" - a Farmers Raw Milk diet diary - "I’m going on a raw milk diet. The goal is to lose around 30 lbs. and feel twenty years younger. I’m not sure how long it will take. I’m guessing somewhere between six and eight weeks... I have used the raw milk diet to lose 10-15 lbs. before, so I know how effective it is. It is amazing! It can seem almost like magic, but the science is really quite simple. Raw milk is a living whole food full of nutrient-absorbing living enzymes, unadulterated, unprocessed, unmessed-with, cell-nourishing, cell-repairing raw fats and proteins. These nutrients are exactly what your body desperately needs to function" Read the full article by Edwin Shank here.

Dr Mercola - Kids who drink raw milk have less asthma and allergies. "School-aged children who drank raw milk were 41 percent less likely to develop asthma and about 50 percent less likely to develop hay fever than children who drank store-bought (pasteurized) milk, according to one study that used data from more than 8,000 children." We too have heard from our own customers who say that either themselves or their loved ones have noticed less asthma and allergies since drinking Village Milk. Read the full article by Dr Mercola here.


Dr Chris Kresser - Raw Milk Reality: the benefits of drinking Raw Milk. "There are many reasons one might prefer raw milk over pasteurized milk, ranging from nutritional to ethical to environmental. Different people will resonate with different reasons, depending on their value system, worldview and priorities." Check out the 8 reasons Dr Chris Kressler lists for why Raw Milk is beneficial - Nutrition, Tolerance, Health, Flavour, Community, Environment, Ethics and A Personal Decision. One of the key sentences for me is "The pasteurization process also reduces the nutritional quality of milk products. Research has shown a decrease in manganese, copper, and iron after heat treatment." Read the full article by Dr Chris Kressler here.

Ralph Teller - Raw Milk gives athletes a competitive advantage. "Raw Milk is by far the most effective and nutritious drink for athletes for training and recovery. Raw (unpasteurized) milk is more nutritious than pasteurized milk as some of the nurtients in raw milk are killed or reduced during the pasteurization process...Raw milk is a complete and balanced food." It's so interesting to me that our shop shelves are full of processed sports drinks to 'assist us after physical activity', yet the best thing for us is a glass of Raw Milk. This is how our ancestors lived afterall. Read the full article by Raph Teller here.

Dr Chris Kresser - The Raw Milk reality. "Are you confused about Raw Milk? Get the facts This series is called “Raw Milk Reality” because propaganda and hype about unpasteurized milk have overshadowed facts and common sense. Many people believe that raw dairy is a healing superfood, yet others feel it is a dangerous and unnecessary risk to take." In this 4 part series from Chris Kresser you can read Is Raw Milk Dangerous, The benefits of Raw Milk, Is Raw Milk worth the risk and Buying Raw Milk safely.  Chris examines what research really says about Raw Milk compared the the risks so that you can decide if Raw Milk is right for you and your family. Start reading the series by Chris Kresser here

Ralph Teller - Raw Milk Nutrient Content. "The purpose in nature of milk is to provide all the nutrients necessary to sustain health, grow, protect and heal. Nature is efficient. So is milk! NOTE, pasteurization of milk kills off many nutrients found in raw milk." If you are interested in the nutritional value and breakdown of Raw Milk, Ralph has it all for you in this article.

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