Our team works with farmers, whether setting up or already selling raw milk, who want to produce raw drinking milk to the highest standards for their customers.

In 2011 demand grew and we started selling Real Milk under our brand Village Milk. With this we invested in our equipment, knowledge and procedures, as well as creating our in depth Risk Management Programme.  It is our accumulation of knowledge with 5 years of hands on production, testing and assessment that we now offer to farmers. 

  • Advice - one-on-one advice to help farmers achieve an understanding of the processes and systems which focus on animal management and high quality raw drinking milk...more
  • Dispensing Machines - we have done the leg work for you, sourcing high quality, proven dispensing machines for raw milk...more
  • Bottles - our quality 1 litre glass bottles are great for the environment, easy to clean and come with a secure metal lid...more