Our Consultancy Service covers everything from farm management to dispensing machines

If you are thinking about joining the growing number of Real Milk suppliers in New Zealand, we can help you make an informed decision.  Initially we will conduct a feasibility study and from there we will customise a consultancy plan to suit your farm's individual needs.  Working within the RCS guidlines, our consultants will analyze and assess your farm's position for transition.  This analysis establishes a base mark on your current milk quality as outlined by the Ministry of Primary Industries. Our consultations also focus on animal management to ensure your farm produces high quality nutrient rich milk.  At the end of our sessions we advise you on possible future directions within the Raw Milk Industry so you are able to maximise your business potential moving forward.

The Regulated Control Scheme (RCS), Raw Milk for Sale to Consumers, was introduced by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) in November 2016.  It clearly describes all the procedures, testing, labelling and handling needed to achieve a safe raw milk product for human consumption.  Village Milk has run a Risk Management Programme supervising and assisting farmers with their milk quality since 2011.

Are you looking to sell Raw Drinking Milk from your farm?

If you are new to producing and selling raw drinking milk we can advise you from start to finish. This includes:

• Guidance in preparing your site, and the choice of the DF Italia range of Milk Dispensers.

• Advice on milking procedures.

• We can advise on sourcing of milk testing services. We can offer ongoing support with milk quality.

Contact our team to discuss this further.